class  AssimpException: object.Exception;

The one exception type thrown in this wrapper.

A failing ASSIMP function should always throw an  AssimpException.

class  Assimp;

Create one to use the ASSIMP libary.

Owns both the loader and logging redirection.

This object is passed around to other ASSIMP wrapper objects

to ensure library loading.

this(Logger logger);

Load ASSIMP library, redirect logging to our logger.

You can pass a null logger if you don't want logging.

AssimpException on error.

string  getVersion();

ASSIMP version string as returned by the dynamic library.

const(char)[]  getLegalString();

A string with legal copyright and licensing information about Assimp.

package nothrow void  ensureNotInGC(string resourceName);

Crash if the GC is running.

Useful in destructors to avoid reliance GC resource release.