struct  half;

16-bits floating point type (Half). Implements conversion from by Jeroen van der Zijp.

Supports builtin operations that float support, but computations are performed in 32-bits float and converted back.

Known Bugs
rounding is not IEEE compliant.

pure nothrow @nogc this(float n);

Construct a half from a float.

pure nothrow @nogc this(half h);

Construct a half from another half.

const string  toString();

Converts to a pretty string.

const pure nothrow @nogc float  toFloat();

Converts to a float.

pure nothrow @nogc ref half  opAssign(T)(T other) if (is(T : float));

Assign with float.

pure nothrow @nogc ref half  opAssign(T)(T other) if (is(Unqual!T == half));

Assign with another half.

pure nothrow @nogc ushort  floatToHalf(float f);

Converts from float to half.

pure nothrow @nogc float  halfToFloat(ushort h);

Converts from half to float.